Budget 2020

Budget 2020

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How the budget works

Each year, the Government of the Northwest Territories develops a budget for programs and services by based on an estimate of the amount of its expected revenue. You can learn more about the GNWT's budget process by reviewing our How the Budget Works document or reviewing the Budget Cycle and Development Process webpage.

How Budget 2020 affects NWT residents, communities and businesses

Budget 2020 proposes to spend almost $1.9 billion on programs and services in 2020-21. Each of the links below provides more information on how the budget supports progress on all 22 Priorities of the 19th Legislative Assembly. 

Economic Growth and Diversification

The financial foundation for all of the GNWT’s priorities is a vibrant and diverse economy. Funds allocated for economic development, business services, and tourism and parks reflect an on-going commitment to invest in the people of the NWT and their prosperity.

Healthy and Educated People

Budget 2020 invests in individuals and families, making it easier for residents to access programs and services, expanding important education initiatives like Northern Learning Centres, strengthening supports for residents to age in place, and  providing tax benefits to help address the high cost of living in the North.

Indigenous Reconciliation and Governance

Concluding agreements with the Indigenous governments of the Northwest Territories will advance reconciliation by recognizing and affirming Aboriginal and treaty rights, as well as creating the capacity for Indigenous governments to deliver programs and services and pursue their economic, social and cultural priorities.

Protecting our Environment and Addressing Climate Change

Budget 2020 represents an opportunity to work together in collaboration with other governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations so that research and monitoring can be improved and in turn better decisions can be made around climate change and its impacts on the air, forests, land, water and wildlife.

Safe and Secure Communities

Communities are the foundation of a strong and vibrant Northwest Territories. In 2020-2021, the GNWT will focus on communities to support territory-wide emergency services. The GNWT will also work with communities to develop capital plans and increase each community’s authority to make and implement decisions that focus on local priorities.