Budget 2020

Safe and Secure Communities

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Communities are the foundation of a strong and vibrant Northwest Territories. In 2020-2021, the GNWT will focus on communities to support territory-wide emergency services. The GNWT will also work with communities to develop capital plans and increase each community’s authority to make and implement decisions that focus on local priorities. This approach has led to increased capacity for community governments to leverage funding to benefit residents for many years to come. For example, by working together in this manner, every community in the NWT will have access to drinking water that meets the Canada National Drinking Water Guideline standards within the next year. This is an accomplishment few jurisdictions in Canada can claim.

Making communities safer and more resilient

The GNWT will invest $827,000 to continue the successful Integrated Case Management System pilot project. This is a client-centred, multi-departmental model that removes system barriers and gaps for clients with complex mental health and  addictions needs.

Community capital plans

Budget 2020 will support the GNWT’s ongoing work with communities to support and assist in the development and implementation of community capital plans, and associated federal funding applications.

Empowering communities to make decisions

New legislation has increased the authority of community governments so they can focus on local priorities, and Budget 2020 ensures that the GNWT will continue to focus on helping increase local capacity within community governments.