Budget 2020

Indigenous Reconciliation and Governance

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Concluding agreements with the Indigenous governments of the Northwest Territories will advance reconciliation by recognizing and affirming Aboriginal and treaty rights, as well as creating the capacity for Indigenous governments to deliver programs and services and pursue their economic, social and cultural priorities.

Self-government and land claim agreements

Budget 2020 supports the GNWT’s continuing efforts to confirm and implement Indigenous governments Aboriginal and treaty rights. We do this by working trilaterally with the Government of Canada and each Indigenous government on their individual processes. Concluding land claim and self-government agreements and fulfilling ongoing obligations to implement existing agreements is a cornerstone of the GNWT’s relationships with Indigenous governments.

Developing and completing land use plans

Funding from Budget 2020 will support the operation of an ongoing Wek’èezhìi Land Use Planning Committee and planning office. This investment will support trilateral work between Indigenous governments, the GNWT and the government of Canada to develop and complete land use plans in all regions of the Northwest Territories.

Implementing UNDRIP in the Northwest Territories

Further implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) within the constitutional framework of Canada will advance reconciliation in the NWT. Budget 2020 will support the GNWT’s work with Indigenous governments over the coming year to create and implement an action plan that identifies changes required in GNWT legislation and policies to best reflect the principles set out in UNDRIP.