Budget 2020

Protecting our Environment and Addressing Climate Change

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Budget 2020 represents an opportunity to work together in collaboration with other governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations so that research and monitoring can be improved and in turn better decisions can be made around climate change and its impacts on the air, forests, land, water and wildlife.

Understanding our world is key to making informed decisions now and in the future. Investments under Budget 2020 will support ongoing GNWT initiatives that support monitoring and research to improve understanding of cumulative impacts. These investments will also support work on trans-boundary water agreements with Alberta and British Columbia, as well as the negotiations with Yukon and Saskatchewan.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Budget 2020 continues to support the GNWT’s commitment to address climate change by investing in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Over the next several years, the GNWT will manage $34.9 million dedicated to initiatives aimed to increase the use of renewable and alternative energy. In 2020-21, we will oversee $2.38 million in funding under the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund in 2020-21.

Conserving Wildlife

The GNWT will continue to promote caribou conservation and continued collaboration with our co-management partners to complete caribou range planning. Budget 2020 invests an additional $1.4 million for conservation and recovery of the Bathurst and Bluenose-East barren-ground caribou herds.

Establishing Protected Areas

Budget 2020 includes $3.5 million to advance activities under three Challenge Nature Fund Agreements with the federal government, much of which is for the GNWT and Indigenous governments to collaboratively establish, manage and monitor Thaidene Nëné and Ts’udé Niliné Tuyeta , which are new territorial protected areas and Dınàgà Wek’èhodì, which is currently a candidate protected area.