What we do

The Department of Finance, as a part of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), is responsible for obtaining, managing and controlling the financial resources required to implement the GNWT’s policies and programs.

The Department of Finance also serves as the corporate human resource agency for the GNWT and provides human resource management services to all GNWT departments and agencies.

Department responsibilities

  • negotiating major financial arrangements with the federal government;

  • providing analysis and advice to the Financial Management Board;

  • ensuring that financial and information resources are managed effectively, efficiently and economically;
  • regulating the insurance industry and controlling the sale of alcohol products in the Northwest Territories;
  • recruiting and retaining a competent, representative public service;
  • developing programs and policies that effectively serve the human resource needs of the public service; and
  • creating a work environment that promotes employee development, safety and wellness, and positive labour/management relations.


Finance Establishment Policy