Risk Management

The Risk Management & Insurance Section of the Department of Finance is responsible for administering the Government of the Northwest Territories' risk management and insurance programs.

What does Risk Management and Insurance do?

In cooperation with client departments, boards and agencies, Risk Management & Insurance works to minimize exposure to human, physical and financial loss. Core services include:

Risk Management Consultation:

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Risk Control
  • Risk Transfer

Loss Control Analysis and Consultation:

  • Loss Control Inspections
  • Playground Inspections

Property Appraisal Program

GNWT’s Insurance & Self Insurance Programs:

  • Claims Administration (Investigation, Negotiation and Settlement)
  • Inventory and Insurance Administration for the GNWT’s Mobile Equipment & Automobile Fleet
  • Purchase of insurance policies to address Client’s unique Exposures
  • Purchase of Capital Project Insurance under an Owner's Program

Contract Review:

  • Insurance Requirements and Wordings
  • Risk Transfer Requirements
  • Indemnity Clause review
  • Authority for Insurance Requirement Waivers
  • Review of Contractors’ Insurance Policies