Licensing and permitting

NWT Special Occasion Permits

To apply for a Special Occasion Permit in the NWT the Applicant must apply for the appropriate permit. 

Before you apply

Deadlines To Submit An Application

An application for a Special Occasion Permit must be made to the Liquor Licensing Board before the event. The application time is based upon the number of people expected to attend the event.

Number of People expected to attend Number of days before the event, the application must be made
Less than 200 5 days
200 to 500 14 days
More than 500 45 days

How To Submit An Application

Complete the Special Occasion Permit Application form and submit it with the required fees and documentation to a Permit Issuer.


Special Occasion Permit Application Form



Condition on Fee Amount

Class 1 – Ordinary



Class 2 – Resale


for premises with an occupant load of

150 persons or less


for premises with an occupant load of

more than 150 persons

Class 3 - Fundraising



for premises with an occupant load of

150 persons or less


for premises with an occupant load of

more than 150 persons

Additional Forms and Information


If minors (people under 19 years of age) are expected to attend, Board approval is required. Complete the Minors Application form and submit it with the Special Occasion Permit form.

Outdoor Event

If the event is to be held outdoors, a drawing of the venue is required. The drawing must show the fenced in area, entrance gate, washroom facilities and bar. The Outdoor Event form can be used to provide this information.


A holder of a special occasion permit must ensure the event is controlled and supervised by an adequate number of supervisors. In the case of Class 2 or 3 permits, the Liquor Licensing Board has determined one supervisor is required for every 100 persons, or portion thereof. Supervisors may not have any other duties such as ticket sales or bartenders.

For further information about the rules and responsibilities of permit holders, contact the Liquor Licensing Board office.

Special Occasion Permits (SOP)

There are three kinds of Special Occasion Permits (SOP):

Class 1 – Ordinary

Anyone 19 years of age or older may apply for a Class 1 SOP. There may not be an admission charge for the event.

Liquor may not be directly or indirectly sold. A Class 1 permit is intended for events where liquor is given to guests such as a business meet and greet where wine is served or a wedding reception with an open bar.

Class 2 – Resale (Not for Profit)

Anyone 19 years of age or older may apply for a Class 2 - Resale Permit. It is not the purpose of a Class 2 - Resale permit for the Permit Holder to make a profit from the sale of liquor. The Liquor Licensing Board may set the maximum a Permit Holder may charge for liquor. Presently that amount is $5.00 per drink. This class of permit is intended for events where the organizer wants to provide liquor but does not want to give it away. The per-drink limit is intended to offset some of these costs.

Class 3 - Resale (Fundraising)

Class 3 - Resale Permits are available to organizations only and not to individuals. Organizations that are eligible for a Class 3 permit include:

  • A society incorporated under the Societies Act;

  • A body incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act (non profit);

  • A service club that holds a premises licence; or

  • an unincorporated group of persons that

(i) has been in existence for a period not less than six months before the date of application,

(ii) has an executive elected by its members, and

(iii) conducts a community, recreational or cultural activity and does not carry on a trade or business for the pecuniary gain of its members;

After the event, a Class 3 Permit Holder must provide the Liquor Licensing Board with a statement of account, which reflects the profit from liquor sales and the purpose to which it will be used.