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NWT Special Purpose Permits

What is a Special Purpose Liquor Permit?

A special purpose permit authorizes the permit holder to possess and use liquor for a medicinal, scientific or other special purpose.

How do I know if I am eligible for a Special Purpose Permit?

To be eligible for a special purpose permit, an applicant must be:

  • a medical practitioner, dentist, nurse practitioner, registered midwife or a veterinarian;

  • a person requiring liquor for a legitimate scientific or research purpose; or
  • a person in charge of a facility that provides health services pursuant to the Health Services Insurance and Health and Social Services Administration Act or a person in charge of a nursing home.

How can I apply for a Special Purpose Permit?

The Special Purpose Permit Application form can be used to make application for a permit. There is no fee to apply.

How can I find out more about Special Purpose Permits?

For more information about Special Purpose Permits, please refer to the Special Purpose Permit Information Sheet or contact the Liquor Licensing Board.

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