Licensing and permitting

The NWT Liquor Licensing Board is a regulatory and quasi-judicial administrative tribunal that is independent from government. The Board administers several parts of the NWT Liquor Act and the NWT Liquor Regulations, including the issuance of liquor licences and permits. The Board also holds hearings (adjudicates) whenever a charge is laid against a licence or permit holder.

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Liquor Licences

Liquor Licences are issued to establishments wishing to sell and serve liquor to their patrons or to establishments wishing to manufacture liquor. Premises establishments include bars, lounges, restaurants, service clubs, recreational facilities, and tourist facilities. Manufacturing establishments include facilities manufacturing beer, wine, or spirits.

Special Occasion Permits

Special Occasion Permits are issued to individuals or organizations that are holding a specific event that they would like to serve liquor at. Events include wedding receptions, birthday parties, Christmas parties, fundraisers, et cetera.

Special Purpose Permits

Special Purpose Permits are only issued for liquor to be used for medicinal or scientific purposes.

Liquor Licensing Database

The Board maintains an online database to provide up-to-date information to licence and permit holders, as well as the public. Information on the database includes:

  • Copies of current NWT Liquor Licences;
  • Copies of all Liquor Licensing Board decisions; and
  • The NWT Liquor Licensing Board's newsletter

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the Board and its policies, processes and procedures.