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NWT Child Benefit

What is the Northwest Territories Child Benefit?

The Northwest Territories Child Benefit program (NWTCB) provides benefits to families based on the number of children and their ages, and family net income declared in the previous year’s income tax return.

Starting July 1, 2017, the NWTCB was enhanced to provide more non-taxable benefits to low income families with children under the age of eighteen.

Who is eligible for the NWTCB?

Families with annual net income under $30,000 will receive the full child benefit. The benefit will start to be phased out when family income exceeds $30,000, and will be eliminated when family income reaches $80,000.

How is the NWTCB calculated?

The amount of the NWTCB depends on net family income and the total number of children in the family:

  • under the age of 6; and
  • between the ages of 6 and 17.

For more information on how the NWTCB is calculated, please refer to the NWT Child Benefit Handout.

How do I apply to receive the NWTCB?

The NWTCB continues to be administered by the Canada Revenue Agency, and is included with monthly Canada Child Benefit payments.