Licences, Taxes and Fees

NWT Insurance Licence

The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance (“OSI”) supervises and regulates the business of insurance in the Northwest Territories and enforces the Insurance Act. This includes both life and health, and property and casualty insurance in the Northwest Territories.

How do I know if I need an NWT insurance licence?

Any person who carries on the business of an insurance company, agent, adjuster, or salesperson in the Northwest Territories must have a valid licence issued under the Insurance Act—regardless of whether that person is an NWT resident.

This applies to all insurance business, whether it is done in person, in writing, over the telephone or online.

What kinds of NWT insurance licences are available?

Licences are available for:

Insurance Adjusters

Form 7: Application for Insurance Adjusters Licence

Form 8: Application for Renewal of Insurance Adjusters Licence

Insurance Agents

Form 9: Application for Insurance Agents Licence

Form 10: Application for Renewal of Insurance Agents Licence

Insurance Salespersons

Form 5: Application for Insurance Salesperson Licence

Form 6: Application for Renewal of Insurance Salesperson Licence

Travel Insurance Agents

Form 11: Application for Travel Insurance Agents Licence

Form 12: Application for Renewal of Travel Insurance Agents Licence

How do I apply for my insurance licence?

Application and renewal forms must be completed full, and returned with the application/renewal fee to:

Superintendent of Insurance
Government of the Northwest Territories
P.O. Box 1320, LAI-3
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9

Where can I find the application/renewal fees for the different insurance licences?

All application and renewal fees are listed here.

When do NWT insurance licences expire?

As of September 12, 2017, the Superintendent of Insurance ceased issuing licences for a one year period; all licences are now being issued for a two year period. Refunds are available for the second year if required.

How do I file taxes on income earned through insurance?

All required tax forms can be downloaded here.

Where can I find more information about the business of insurance in the Northwest Territories?

In keeping with the Insurance Act, the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance issues annual reports that provide a statistical overview of the business of insurance in the NWT, a summary of licensed individuals and companies, and an abstract on premium tax remitted.

Past annual reports from the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance can be viewed here.