Licences, Taxes and Fees

Large Industrial Emitters

What is a large industrial emitter?

Large Industrial Emitters are identified under the new Petroleum Products and Carbon Tax Act and Regulations and are generally facilities that emit more than 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually.

Are there carbon tax rebates for large industrial emitters?

  • Prescribed large industrial emitters receive a rebate equal to 72% of the carbon tax paid upon submitting monthly Fuel and Carbon Tax Transaction Reports.
  • Upon completing any project that contributes to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the NWT, a large industrial emitter may apply for an emission reduction grant of up to 12% of the carbon tax they have paid to date.

Effective April 1, 2023, the 72% rebate will be replaced with a rebate that is tied to a facility-specific baseline.

The Large Emitters GHG Reducing Investment Grant Policy provides guidelines for the administration of the Large Emitter Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reducing Investment Grant Program for prescribed large emitters

The large emitter individual grant program will close on March 31, 2023, with the funds remaining available for five years until March 31, 2028.