red tape reduction

Red Tape Reduction

What is Red Tape?

Regulations are necessary for public health and safety, social wellbeing, consumer confidence, education/training, and environmental protection. Regulations sometimes impose a burden. However, regulations are red tape when they are:
  • trying to solve a problem that is better addressed by the private sector or through education;
  • unclear or overly complex and take stakeholders too long to comply with;
  • inflexible;
  • unfair or inequitable; or
  • duplication.


The Red Tape Reduction Working Group exists to support increasing economic diversification by reducing red tape and regulatory burdens on small businesses


  • Develop regulatory database;

  • Establish processes, tools and methods to help advance regulatory best practices; and

  • Create an annual work plan of actions.


  • One official each from departments of Finance, Industry Tourism and Investment, and Infrastructure;
  • Two Business Advisory Council representatives and a NWT Association of Communities representative.

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