Employee Engagement

Since 2006, the Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey (EESS) has provided the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) with the opportunity to gain insight into the engagement of GNWT employees.

The EESS provides opportunities to gain insight into the involvement and enthusiasm of GNWT employees in their work and workplace:

  • It is a tool that can create dialogue with management, employees, and human resource specialists regarding the strengths, as well as the underlying issues and challenges, that exist in the workplace.
  • It is an opportunity to foster a more engaging and satisfying work environment for GNWT employees.

In response to recent year’s EESS lowest scoring statements, an Interdepartmental Employee Satisfaction Working Group (IESWG) was created to gather information and propose actions to improve results. As a result of these contributions, in July 2024, the Employee Satisfaction Action Plan (ESAP) was released, providing short, medium and long term tasks in an effort to improve employee satisfaction across the GNWT. The ESAP will guide the upcoming Implementation Plan.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey Report & Guide

The Guide highlights the overall EESS results of the survey across all departments. It is designed to provide support with interpreting survey results and effectively using this information to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey Report Cards

Report cards provide a snapshot into levels of employee engagement for the GNWT and each department and agency:



Employee Satisfaction Action Plan

The ESAP envisions information gathering and policy initiatives, as well as the development of new—and review of existing—programs, training, and resources in an effort to improve employee satisfaction across the GNWT. This is broken down into short-, medium- and long-term tasks.