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Frequently asked questions

Who should I contact if I have general questions about GNWT procurement?

If you have any procurement-related questions you are encouraged to email:  Procurement_Questions@gov.nt.ca or call (867) 767-9044 Ext 32118.

You can also visit or contact one of the Procurement Shared Services Offices.

Where does the GNWT post procurement opportunities?

GNWT procurement opportunities are posted on the GNWT Contract Event Opportunities website.  This is an interactive site that allows vendors to download and bid on contracting opportunities online. Vendors can also sign up for notifications of new contracting opportunities as they arise in specific areas of interest. To learn more, visit the Contract Event Opportunities website.

Where can I find information on previously awarded contracts?

The following information can be found on the Contract Event Opportunities website:

  • Awarded contracts
  • Quarterly and yearly contract reports

How can I obtain procurement documents that are advertised on the GNWT Contracts Event Opportunities Website?

To download procurement opportunities, you must first register as a bidder. There is no charge to register as a bidder. Register by visiting the Contract Event Opportunities website.

Detailed instructions for registering are also available on the Current Opportunities and Awarded Contracts page.

Who should I contact if I have problems registering as a bidder?

For assistance with bidder approval requests:

Email: GNWTBidders@gov.nt.ca
Phone (local): 867-767-9174 ext. 15209

You can contact also contact one of the Procurement Shared Services Offices for assistance registering as a bidder.

Who should I contact if I have questions or updates to my supplier account?

If you have questions, problems or updates required to your supplier account you can contact: 

Email: GNWTBidders@gov.nt.ca
Phone (local): 867-767-9174 ext. 15209

What is the GNWT Business Incentive Policy (BIP)?

The GNWT procures over $260 million dollars annually on products and services. The purpose of Business Incentive Policy (BIP) is to give preference on government procurement to businesses that are owned and operated within the NWT and to businesses that hire NWT and Local labor, procure goods from BIP approved suppliers and registered BIP businesses. It is designed to promote economic growth and capacity within NWT Businesses and the economy. 

More information is available at the Procurement-related policies, legislation, agreements, and incentives for NWT businesses webpage.

What is the NWT Manufactured Products Policy and how can I register a product?

The Government of the Northwest Territories is committed to building a diversified, sustainable territorial economy by providing support for business and economic development throughout the NWT.

The Northwest Territories Manufactured Products Policy gives incentive to local production and manufacturing of goods for the use of the GNWT under the Business Incentive Policy (BIP). BIP-registered businesses may apply to have their NWT-made goods registered as an Approved NWT Manufactured Product.

More information is available at the Procurement-related policies, legislation, agreements, and incentives for NWT businesses webpage.

Where can I find Businesses that have products registered under the NWT Manufactured Product Policy?

The NWT Manufactured Products Policy website has listing of Approved NWT Manufactured Product and other information regarding the policy.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the GNWT Business Incentive Policy or the NWT Manufactured Products Policy?

You can contact the Business Incentive Policy Monitoring Office at 867-875-7857 or 867-875-2590 or email: BIP@gov.nt.ca.

If I have questions about an open competitive procurement, who should I contact?

If you have question about an open competitive procurement, your questions must be in writing in and be submitted to the person in accordance with the procurement documents and timelines stated in the Instructions to Bidders section.

Does the GNWT provide procurement information sessions or workshops for vendors?

The GNWT's Procurement Shared Services Division regularly delivers training sessions to businesses and individuals who are interested in learning more about Government of the Northwest Territories procurement. These training sessions provide information such as contracting with the GNWT, how to navigate Procurement Events using the GNWT Contract Event Opportunities Website, and how to fill in Procurement-related Business Incentive Policy forms.

For more information about available training, please visit the Workshops and Training webpage.

Separate education sessions for individuals or business groups are also available; we invite you to contact us and reserve a session at a time that works best for you. To obtain more information or reserve a date and time, please email: Procurement_Training@gov.nt.ca.

What is a sole source contract?

A sole source contract is awarding a contract directly with a business or contractor without going through an open competitive process like a request for tender or request for proposal.

When does the GNWT direct award contracts without going through a competitive open public procurement?

GNWT contract authorities can purchase goods and services directly (sole source) from businesses without going through an open competitive process for goods, services, and construction when:

  • performance of the contract is urgently required, and delay would be injurious to the public interest;
  • only one party is available and capable of performing the contract; or
  • the value of the contract will be less than:
    • $100,000, in the case of a contract for architectural or engineering services;
    • $50,000, in the case of a contract for professional services other than architectural or engineering services, or
    • $25,000, in the case of any other type of contract
  • The Executive council may authorize a Minister to negotiate and award a contract under the Negotiated Contracts Policy 

Where can I find other GNWT policies, legislation and guidelines related to procurement?

More information on each of the following can be found at our Procurement-related policies, legislation, agreements and incentives for NWT businesses page:

  • Leasing of Improved Real Property
  • Negotiated Contracts Policy
  • Public-private Partnership (P3) Policy
  • Business Incentive Policy
  • NWT Manufactured Products Policy
  • Negotiated Contracts Policy
  • Government Contract Regulations
  • Land Claims Agreements
  • Financial Administration Manual 705 - Procurement
  • GNWT Procurement Guidelines

What are Trade Agreements?

Trade agreements are the product of negotiations between two or more sovereign nations that dictate the terms of the acceptable exchange of goods and services between the parties. 

The GNWT is a party to several trade agreements that dictate certain elements of procurement. Where a trade agreement applies to procurement, that procurement should be planned and executed in accordance with the requirements of that trade agreement. 

Canadian Free Trade Agreement
Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA)

What is a Standing Offer agreement?

A Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) is an offer from a vendor to supply goods and/or services at pre-arranged prices and under the terms and conditions stated in the SOA.

Where can I find more information on Standing Offer Agreements?

More information on Standing Offer Agreements, including a current listing can be found on the Procurement Shared Services website.

How long does it take to receive payment for an invoice? 

Payments are processed within 20 or 30 days from the date your invoice is received by the GNWT (not the invoice date). To ensure there are no delays, please ensure your invoice includes all required information.

How can I check on the status of my payment?

You can follow up on the status of a submitted invoice by:

Make sure you provide your invoice number so they can reference your file more quickly.

Can I have payments sent directly to my back account?

The GNWT provides suppliers with the option to receive payment via Direct Deposit. To begin receiving payments directly into your bank account, complete the Direct Deposit form and return the signed original to Financial and Employee Shared Services. You can submit the form by mail to financial_sharedservices@gov.nt.ca or in person to any of the Regional Financial Shared Services Centers.