5. Current Opportunities and Awarded Contracts

The GNWT is changing its requirements for bid security and contract security. These changes are for construction contracts only and are effective July 15, 2023. More information on these changes can be found here.


The GNWT Contract Event Opportunities website is available at contracts.fin.gov.nt.ca.

Go directly to the site to register as a bidder, view or bid on events, or manage your existing bids. For further assistance, please refer to the information below.

What is the GNWT Contract Opportunities Website?

The GNWT Contract Event Opportunities website is an interactive system that allows companies looking to do business with the GNWT a way to download and bid on contracting opportunities online. Companies can also sign up for notifications of new contracting opportunities in specific areas of interest.

How can I register as a bidder?

Download the Bidder Registration document for detailed instructions in .pdf format.

To register as a bidder:

  1. Go to the Contract Event Opportunities website.
  2. Click "Register as a Bidder."
  3. Click, read and accept the "Terms of Agreement."
  4. Enter your company name into the "Entity Name" field. The company name being entered must be your Full Legal Company Name and match the name registered with the GNWT Business Incentive Policy registry (if registered). The Entity Name is attached to any online bids submitted through the GNWT Contract Event Opportunities website and is the company that the contract will be awarded to if you are the successful bidder.
  5. Click and answer the "Profile Questions" to help speed up approval of your bidder account. More information about these questions is available in the Bidder Registration document.
  6. Enter your address, city, and postal code and select the province/territory where your company is based.
  7. Complete the "Email ID" field.
  8. Click "Add Contact" and provide the information for your contact person.
  9. Enter your preferred user ID into the "Requested User ID" field. This is the user ID you will use to log into the Contract Event Opportunities website.
  10. Select the categories that you would like to receive email updates about. Updates will be sent to the email address you selected in Step 8.
  11. Submit your registration.
  12. You will receive an email indicating that your registration has been submitted for approval. Bidder registrations are approved within 2 business days.  For inquiries on bidder approvals, please email GNWTBidders@gov.nt.ca. If you’ve previously registered as a bidder for your company, your registration will be denied with an explanation that it is a duplicate registration.
  13. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration. You will receive two additional emails: The first will be a notification that your bidder registration has been approved.  The second is your username and password information to log into the GNWT Contract Event Opportunities website. 

What can I do if I forgot my sign in information?

Download the Change or Reset a Password document for detailed instructions in .pdf format.

You can use the “Forgot Your Password” and “Forgot Your UserID” features to recover your sign-in information. If you still can’t get access to your account, you can contact the SAM Help Desk at 1 (866) 525-0536 or email at samhelpdesk@gov.nt.ca.

What do I do if I am having trouble accessing the Contract Event Opportunities website?

The GNWT Contract Event Opportunities website is supported on most desktop browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer you will require version 11 (IE11) or higher to access the site.

If you are having difficulty accessing the Contract Event Opportunities website, try one of the following steps:

Where can I find help to use the Contract Event Opportunities website?

The following resources provide step-by-step instructions and answer frequently asked questions about the site:

Who can I contact if I am having problems with the Contract Event Opportunities website?

For systems-related issues with the GNWT Contract Event Opportunities website, please email SamHelpDesk@gov.nt.ca or call:

  • (867) 767-9129 (Yellowknife local)
  • 1-866-525-0536 (toll-free)

Who can I contact if I am having problems with my account?

For assistance with Bidder Account Approval or Supplier Account update requests, please email GNWTBidders@gov.nt.ca or call 1 (867) 767-9174 ext. 15209.

Who can I contact for more information about a specific contract event?

Questions about specific contract events should be directed to the applicable regional office.