Service Innovation Strategy

The Service Innovation Strategy (SIS) vision is to improve service delivery to NWT residents, businesses and visitors through the use of technology to:

  • Expand access to programs and services;

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations, including use of more government-wide solutions;

  • Improve service delivery, decision making analysis and planning;

  • Create consistent and realistic technology standards; and

  • Enhance information management and technology knowledge and skills

The Government of the Northwest Territories Mandate: 2016-2019 supports the GNWT’s commitment to creating easier access to online programs and services through stronger government and stakeholder collaboration.

How satisfied are residents and businesses with GNWT Services?

The GNWT participates in two national surveys that track resident and business satisfaction with government service delivery.

This research helps the GNWT monitor performance over time, develop ways to improve service experience, increase client satisfaction with government services access, and introduce new service delivery methods that meet the changing needs of NWT residents and businesses.

Business First

Find out what NWT businesses had to say in the most recent Business First (2019) NWT report.

Citizen First

Find out what NWT residents had to say in the Citizen First 8 (2018) report.

The next survey will be available in 2018.