Insurance enquiries and complaints

To help Canadians cope with the financial impact of COVID-19, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) member companies are offering substantial consumer relief measures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a complaint regarding the actions of your insurance agent, broker or adjuster, it is important that there is first an attempted resolution of the dispute with the insurer prior to issuing a complaint with the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance. 

When working with an insurer or the Superintendent of Insurance to resolve a dispute, it is important to have following information and documentation available throughout the process:

  • have your documents ready for reference;

  • state what the problem is and what you'd like to happen;
  • provide copies of documents related to your complaint;
  • keep a record of who you spoke to and what was said; and
  • ask for written confirmation of whatever action will be taken.

The recommended steps to resolving a dispute with an insurer are as follows:

Step 1: Contact your insurance agent, broker, or adjuster

Your agent, broker or adjuster may be able to help you in reaching a resolution. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, ask to be transferred to a manager or supervisor for additional assistance.

Step 2: Speak with a senior representative of your insurance company. 

Your agent or broker should be willing to provide you with the name of a senior person at your insurance company who will be willing to discuss your issue. Insurers also list contact information on their websites for many positions in the company or a generic email contact to help you get started.

If your complaint is with respect to your Insurer, continue to Step 3. 

If your complaint is with respect to actions taken by your agent, adjuster or broker, skip to Step 4.

Step 3: Contact an ombudsperson

Most insurance companies have an internal ombudsperson who is responsible for an additional level of review of complaints against the company. We encourage you to contact them to discuss your issue. Your agent or insurer’s website will provide you contact information.

Alternatively you can contact one of the following organizations to get a third party review:

  • For unresolved life, health and creditor insurance complaints, contact Ombudservice for Life and Health Insurance
  • For unresolved home, auto, and commercial insurance complaints, contact General Insurance Ombudservice.

Step 4: Contact the NWT Office of the Superintendent of Insurance 

If you do not reach a resolution through this process you may contact our office. We will assess your situation and provide advice and assistance as necessary.

To help us review your complaint:

Superintendent of Insurance
Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 1L9

Or email documents to:

Please note: While the Superintendent of Insurance has the authority to take disciplinary actions if the Insurance Act is not followed, it is not responsible to settle insurance claims and has no authority to direct a particular action to be taken in settlement of a claim.

For more information on the Superintendent of Insurance please visit here.