Evacuee Income Disruption Support Program

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The Evacuee Income Disruption Support program aims to provide one-time targeted financial relief during evacuations. Its goal is to ease the financial burdens faced by evacuees who have suffered a loss of employment income.

Previously, residents were only eligible for the EIDS program if they did not receive any financial support from their employer. The eligibility criteria have been updated so that funding is available to all residents 17 and older who lost income due to evacuation, regardless of whether they received financial support from their employer.

Available funding

NWT residents 17 and over whose employment has been disrupted by an evacuation lasting more than seven days can receive a one-time payment of $750. 

Eligible residents can opt to receive payment through direct deposit or by cheque.


The NWT Evacuee Income Disruption Support program is available to all NWT residents 17+ who:

  • are subject to an evacuation order of over seven days; and 
  • have suffered any loss of employment income because their employment has been disrupted due to the evacuation order.

To participate in the program, you will need to: 

  • declare that you have lost employment income;
  • provide proof of employment income;
  • provide your Social Insurance Number so the GNWT to issue a T4A slip for tax purposes; and
  • submit a Financial Institution Stamp or Void Cheque with your application.

For more information on void cheques, refer to the following document: PROVIDING A VOID CHEQUE | FOURNIR UN SPÉCIMEN DE CHÈQUE.

How to apply

Completed applications can be sent to: EIDS@gov.nt.ca