Emergency Evacuation Relief Program

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Emergency Evacuation Relief Program


The Emergency Evacuation Relief Program (EERP) provides one-time financial support to help mitigate the immediate costs associated with evacuations due to natural disasters such as wildfires and flooding. This program is designed to be easily accessible to all residents of the Northwest Territories, ensuring equitable support during emergencies.

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Payments will only be made after an evacuation order is issued for the community from which residents are applying.

Available funding

Eligible residents who have evacuated their home community due to an official evacuation order will receive a one-time direct deposit payment as follows:

  • $800 for residents aged 18 and over
  • $400 for each dependent under the age of 18

These funds are intended to assist with immediate accommodation needs and everyday expenses such as groceries, gas, and other essentials.


The Emergency Evacuation Relief Program is available to all NWT residents who:

  • Have evacuated their home community because of an evacuation order issued by the community government.
  • Are registered as an evacuee with their community government.
  • Are not filing a claim through your insurance.

In addition to a completed application form, residents may need to submit the following documents to verify their application and help with ease of payment:

  • Photo identification such as passport, driver’s license, general ID, etc;
  • Proof that you are a resident of the evacuated community, such as a utility bill. Visit GNWT DMV for other acceptable forms of identification and proof of residency;
  • Proof of dependents such as CRA online profile (which lists dependents); birth certificate; baptismal certificate; other custody documents, etc; 
  • Direct deposit information.

How to apply

Complete the Emergency Evacuee Relief Program online application

One application may be used for individuals or households. Please note that a household includes spouses and dependents (including adult dependents) only. For household applications, you must answer all questions asked for each individual on the application and provide all required supporting documents.

For assistance or more information, please email EVAC@gov.nt.ca or call: (867) 767-9168 ext. 15027

Residents who apply will receive payment as soon as possible. Payments will only be made after an evacuation order is issued for the community from which residents are applying. Residents are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible, as payment will not be made to evacuees who register more than 14 days after an evacuation order is lifted.