Strategic Human Resources

What we do

The Strategic Human Resources Division is responsible for leading government-wide human resource management.

Some of our work

The Business Performance unit is responsible for:

  • Identifying, consolidating, measuring, and reporting information relevant to strategic, operational, and transactional human resources goals; and
  • Supporting continuous improvement of departmental service delivery and performance through targeted reviews, recommendations and initiatives.

The Diversity and Inclusion unit is responsible for:

  • Oversees the development, evaluation and management of diversity and Inclusion strategies, initiatives and programs;
  • Coordinates and supports the Indigenous Employees Advisory Committee (IEAC);
  • Coordinates and supports the GNWT Advisory Committee and Employability (GACE); and
  • Provides strategic advice, consultation and support to Department relating to their diversity and inclusion goals.

The Job Evaluation and Organizational Design unit is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the maintenance of the principle of equal pay for work of equal value by ensuring fair evaluations of GNWT positions using the Hay Method of job evaluation;
  • Ensuring access to general information on the Hay Method of job evaluation;
  • Maintaining official GNWT organization charts for use by management;
  • Supporting management by providing a variety of organizational design services;
  • Providing training on job description writing across GNWT;
  • Maintaining public organizational charts and job information content on the position and salary information website.

The Employee Development and Workforce Planning unit is responsible for:

  • managing the development and implementation of government-wide human resource management programs;
  • providing specialized recruitment advice; and
  • planning and implementation of specialized recruitment programs, strategies and initiatives.