Cyber Security

Safe Browsing Practices

A connection to the Internet provides access to information and enables communication services such as email and online banking. The Internet enables people to work effectively and efficiently in a convenient manner saving time and resources.

Some tips for safe browsing of the Internet include:

  • Visit only legitimate and trusted websites for safe and secure browsing
  • Use discretion and follow safe practices to download files or software from the internet as well as accessing online services using personal information
  • Use caution when sending and receiving emails, to protect from phishing & spamming 
  • Be aware of the harm caused by inappropriate internet browsing

Maintain Confidentiality on the Internet

Cybercriminals also use the Internet to gather personal, confidential and financial information. 

Many of the internet’s most popular services—email, social media, photo and video sharing—may be free, but that doesn’t mean they come without a cost. What appears to be free is paid for by the shared data. Cybercriminals will use the shared data to spam people with advertisements, other unsafe material, commit fraud, theft and to perform other illegal activities.

The Internet is used for communication, networking, education and research, healthcare, financial transactions and other recreational activities like online games, videos etc..

Learn how to stay safe online. Some good practices include:

  • Never use of unsecure Wi-Fi access points when connecting for banking/financial transaction.
  • Use appropriate firewalls and strong passwords to keep your home computers and mobile devices safe and secure. 

Recognize that kids need to follow safe browsing practices

Kids at home and in school should be made aware of safe browsing practices. Online predators can have various goals. Some predators are not just after data, identity and money, but want more. It is important to recognize that a small group of individuals surf the Internet with the sole intention of making friends with a child. This friendship could be the beginning of grooming a child for personal exploitation now and later.

For more information on keeping the kids safe online click here.  

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