Procurement Shared Services - Finance, Northwest Territories

1. Procurement Shared Services

The GNWT is changing its requirements for bid security and contract security. These changes are for construction contracts only and are effective July 15, 2023. More information on these changes can be found here.

If you need assistance, please contact any of the following regions:

The GNWT procurement framework is built around the following six principles:

  • Honour treaty commitments and support meaningful implementation of treaties;
  • Provide for government procurement that balances the commitment to ensure open, fair and transparent procurement processes that are competitive, deliver value for money and provide direct benefits to NWT residents and NWT businesses, while adhering to treaty obligations and trade agreements;
  • Enhance opportunities for all NWT Indigenous businesses, including ensuring equitable access to government procurement opportunities by all NWT Indigenous businesses through fair and transparent practices;
  • Generate opportunities and maximize employment and capacity development to provide immediate and long-term benefits for NWT residents and NWT businesses;
  • Make it easier to do business with the GNWT, by ensuring that procurement tools and policies are clearly articulated and easily accessible, and that business intelligence is shared in an appropriate and impartial manner; and
  • Balance risks appropriately between all parties by allowing for open discussions and innovative approaches to responsibly address risk exposure for businesses and the GNWT.

PSS is responsible for:

  • Advice, information, and training on how to do business with the GNWT.
  • Distribution of all public procurements on behalf of client departments and the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation.
  • Procurement of government goods over $25,000 and services over $10,000.
  • Procurement workshops and training for client departments and vendors.

If you have any procurement-related questions or if you are wondering how to do business with the GNWT, you are encouraged to email or call (867) 767-9044 Ext 32118.

If you would like to receive training, please email You can also visit one of our tender offices.