Regional Recruitment Program

What is the Regional Recruitment Program?

The Regional Recruitment Program is a recruitment and on-the-job training program that links vacant regional positions to potential candidates by providing financial and human resource support to departments, boards and agencies.

On-the-job training focuses on the unique competencies of each individual trainee by implementing training plans and mentorship for the duration of their on-the-job training experience.

What funding is available for the Regional Recruitment Program?

Up to $15,000 per trainee position is provided through the Regional Recruitment Program. The number of available funded positions varies each year and is dependent on the number of trainee positions that require maximum funding. This is how trainee positions are funded:

  • Trainees are paid at 80% of the position’s full salary (in accordance with the Trainee Provisions in the UNW Collective Agreement). The remaining 20% of the position’s salary is used by departments, boards or agencies to support the trainee’s individual training and development.
  • To further support the department and trainee, up to $15,000 per position is provided through the RRP. This funding supports additional training and development costs above the salary and O&M funding already in place for the vacant position.
  • An additional training allowance up to $6,000 per annum per trainee is available through the RRP for on-the-job training to the trainee, as outlined in the training plan. 

How do I apply for the Regional Recruitment Program?

A hiring manager must submit an application to the Regional Recruitment Specialist. Applications are received and assessed year-round and departments are welcome to submit an application at any time.


Regional Recruitment Program Guidelines