Internal Audit Bureau

What we do

The Internal Audit Bureau (IAB) provides an independent, systematic, disciplined, objective internal audit and consulting services to GNWT Departments, Boards, and Agencies as mandated by the Financial Administration Act (Sections 37 to 42).

The IAB supports management with continuous process improvement by assessing and recommending improvements in the effectiveness of risk management, internal controls, and governance processes.  The IAB performs the work in accordance with professional internal auditing standards established by the Institute of Internal Auditors

Some of our work

The nature of IAB work can be classified in the following categories:

  • Operational audits (also known as value-for-money, performance audit) evaluates the system of internal controls established by management over a function/process to support achievement of the program objective efficiently and effectively.  The process includes examination of governance processes, information integrity, compliance, and protection of assets.

  • Information technology audits examine management controls within an information technology infrastructure used to achieve GNWT objectives.  Assessment of information system effectiveness requires examination of governance framework, data integrity, compliance to accepted governance framework, and safeguarding of assets.
  • Special investigations are conducted under the direction of the GNWT Comptroller General covering loss of assets, conflict of interest, breach of trust or code of conduct issues.
  • Consulting services cover a range of formal and informal advice to management on areas such as risk assessment, business process mapping and data analysis.