Government of the Northwest Territories

Social Responsibility Initiatives

There are several social responsibility initiatives are designed to create awareness about responsible drinking practices:

  • The Check 25 Program is intended to strengthen controls in place concerning service to minors. Our customers should be prepared to be asked for proof of identification should they appear to be under the age of 25.
  • The campaign, “No Alcohol during Pregnancy” and “We can all help prevent FASD”, is promoted in the NWTLC liquor stores and licensed establishments, to heighten awareness of the consumer’s responsibilities towards prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.
  • The poster campaign “Moderation is always in good taste” is to support the social norm, “consumption of beverage alcohol” in moderation.
  • Warning Labels are affixed to all beverage alcohol containers sold to the public. These labels provide a warning regarding alcohol consumption and pregnancy, and alcohol consumption and the operation of motor vehicles.
  • The booklet “Be Prepared to talk to Your Children About Alcohol”, was created in conjunction with Educ’ Alcool, Quebec. The booklet is supplied to medical clinics, schools and drug and Alcohol committees throughout the Northwest Territories.