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Deadline: Friday, April 12, 2019


The Premier's Award for Excellence recognizes the outstanding achievements of GNWT employees who continue to strive for workplace excellence and innovation. Every year, the Premier of the Northwest Territories recognizes not only the dedication of individuals and teams of GNWT employees, but also the outstanding contributions of collaborative teams of GNWT and non-GNWT teams through three distinct awards:

Premier’s Award for Excellence (Individual)
Recognizes the outstanding achievements of GNWT employees who continue to strive for workplace excellence and innovation.

Premier’s Award for Excellence (Team)
Recognizes the outstanding achievements of teams of GNWT employees who continue to strive for workplace excellence and innovation.

Premier’s Collaboration Award
Recognizes the outstanding achievement of collaborative teams of GNWT employees in partnership with other government and non-government employees to improve services to Northwest Territories residents.


The following selection criteria are applied during the Premier's Awards nomination review, evaluation and selction process. Nominations must meet at least 3 out of 5 criteria to be considered:              

  1. Innovation and Creativity: Recognizes outstanding performance and achievement through innovative approaches and creativity to new and sustainable projects, systems and technologies that provide improved performance and service. This includes nominees who:
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in generating new ideas, techniques or solutions with practical applications.
  • Respond positively to new beginnings, attitudes, behaviours, and/or changing technologies and demographics.
  • Invite challenge and challenge others in a positive manner, promote and try new ideas and encourage colleagues to think boldly to implement new ways of doing business.
  1. Exceptional Performance and Service Excellence: Recognizes outstanding commitment to the Public Service and workplaces that deliver outstanding performance. This includes nominees who:
  • Offer solutions resulting in improvements to government-wide systems or processes.
  • Deliver exceptional performance on an ongoing basis, which goes above and beyond the normal expectations and requirements of their position.
  • Show outstanding commitment to complex projects or ongoing activities.
  1. Leadership and Organizational Excellence: Recognizes outstanding leadership that presents a role model for the Public Service through leadership and cross agency collaboration, resulting in improved organizational productivity and improved provision of services. This includes nominees who:
  • Inspire a shared vision by creating for others an ideal and unique image of what the organization can become.
  • Inspire and enable others through a spirit of collaboration, trust, human dignity and recognition of individual contributions.
  • Model the way by creating standards of excellence and setting an example for others to follow.
  1. Partnerships: Recognizes effective team projects or initiatives that enhance Government programs or services. This includes nominees who:
  • Achieve improvements in the level of inclusion and communication between the public service and its clients and/or communities in the development of government policy, processes or decisions.
  • Increase the access of citizens and communities to government services and policy processes.
  • Implement improvements in services that strengthen and enhance the social infrastructure of the NWT.
  1. Traditional Knowledge: Recognizes teams and individuals that distinguish, celebrate and/or incorporate the long-standing traditions and practices of the North and its people into Government programs or services. This includes nominees who:
  • Respect, preserve and maintain knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities embodying traditional lifestyles.
  • Positively incorporate traditional knowledge into government practices and services.
  • Consult with community elders and holders of traditional knowledge during the implementation of Government programs and services.

Anyone can nominate a candidate for a Premier's Award for Excellence. Recipients are nominated through a nomination form available to everyone. The 2018-2019 Premier's Award nomination deadline is Friday, April 12, 2019. Please submit all nominations to Employees are not permitted to nominate themselves. Deputy Heads are not eligible for this award.

Up to three people per award category will be selected annually for this prestigious award. Candidates receive their award during the annual Premier’s Awards for Excellence ceremony. The award recipient will receive a non-cash award. Congratulatory notes may be signed by the Premier, include a description of the accomplishment, and be copied to the GNWT employee's personnel file. This award is funded by the Department of Finance.

If you have any questions about the Premier’s Awards nomination process, please contact the Department of Finance at or 867-767-9152, ext 14051.

Click here for the Premier's Award Nomination Form.
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Strategic Human Resources is the Strategic Human Resources Division of the Department of Finance.

Non-cash awards means awards excluding cash or items that are equivalent to cash such as stocks, bonds, raw precious metals and gift certificates.


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