Program Review Office

The Program Review Office (PRO) was established to help advance the goal of effective and efficient government by the 16th Assembly in 2008 by conducting a systematic review of government programs and services.  The PRO was transferred from the Department of the Executive to the Department of Finance effective April 1, 2014. This transfer is intended to support the integration of PRO into a more streamlined government-wide planning process, serve to enhance the business planning function, and help to ensure sound financial management.

While program reviews have been conducted in the past, those reviews were often conducted by outside consultants, or were one-off attempts at comparing various government services. The GNWT has instead established the Program Review Office as an internal resource to support the on-going review and reporting of all government activity. The work of the PRO is focused on four areas of business:

  1. Program Reviews
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Advisory and Support Services
  4. Business Planning and Risk Management

In order to fully support integrated management, PRO has recently been given the lead role in business planning and corporate risk management.  PRO will be working closely with our counterparts in the Department of Finance to enhance government wide planning processes with the information necessary to make well balanced choices. 

The Program Review Office work in an environment where there are competing demands and a finite level of resources to address them.  The work of this office is designed to inform evidence based decision making.  This is done both by providing decision makers with the information they need to make decisions, and by providing ongoing support and capacity building to departments so that they are equipped with the tools needed to support the effective design, implementation, and evaluation of government programs.

Program Review Handbook:  

The Program Review Office has developed a handbook of tools and resources to assist GNWT staff as they undertake program evaluation within their Departments, or enlist the help of contracted evaluators.

The PRO Handbook is divided into 5 sections.

Program Review Office staff is available should you have questions on the handbook material. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Program Review Annual Report:   

The Program Review Office Annual Report 2014 provides information about each of the Office’s areas of business, and outlines what the PRO is all about, how the work plan is established, how the PRO has contributed toward a more effective and efficient GNWT, and previews what is ahead for PRO. How projects are selected and conducted is discussed, and summaries are provided for 14 projects completed in the recent past.