Implementing Pan-Canadian Carbon Pricing in the Northwest Territories

Search Implementing Pan-Canadian Carbon Pricing in the Northwest Territories

When the Northwest Territories signed the Pan-Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change in Dec 2016, it committed to meeting a federal benchmark for carbon pricing by 2018.

In May 2016, the federal government released its Technical Paper on the Federal Carbon Pricing Backstop. It outlines the federal government’s plan to introduce new legislation and regulations to implement a carbon pollution pricing system (or “backstop”) that will be applied to any province or territory that does not have its own carbon pricing plan to meet the 2018 benchmark.

The Government of the Northwest Territories is committed to developing its own carbon pricing plan that addresses the challenges faced by NWT residents, business and industry, including high costs of living and of energy, challenges with food security, and emerging economies. The federal government has committed to work with the GNWT to study carbon pricing options so we can contribute toward national emission reduction targets while also meeting our own objective of adding as little as possible to the very high cost of living in the Northwest Territories and avoiding the creation of barriers to economic development.

The deadline for those wanting to respond to the survey was September 15, 2017.