Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines

The following IS/IT policies, procedures, standards and guidelines are approved for use within the GNWT.

# Name Type
6003.00.02 Application DCN TestingPDF Document Policy and Procedure
6003.00.06 DCN Transmission ConsiderationsPDF Document Guideline
6003.00.07 LAN TopologyPDF Document Guideline
6003.00.08 Application Development ConsiderationsPDF Document Guideline
6003.00.09 SDLC AccessPDF Document Policy and Procedure
6003.00.10 Desktop SoftwarePDF Document Standard
6003.00.11 SDLC MethodologyPDF Document Standard
6003.00.12 Date and Time AttachmentsPDF Document Standard
6003.00.12 Date and Time FormatPDF Document Standard
6003.00.13 LAN Communications HardwarePDF Document Standard
6003.00.14 LAN and MAN Transmission ProtocolsPDF Document Standard
6003.00.15 Corporate Electronic MailPDF Document Standard
6003.00.16 Website Technical Standards PDF Document (Details) Standard
6003.00.18 Recorded Information ManagementPDF Document Policy
6003.00.19 ARCS Administrative RecordsPDF Document Standard
6003.00.20 Management of Electronic InformationPDF Document Policy
6003.00.21 Managing Electronic Mail MessagesPDF Document Guideline
6003.00.24 Records SchedulingPDF Document Policy and Procedure
6003.00.25 ORCS DevelopmentPDF Document Guideline
6003.00.26 Electronic Information SecurityPDF Document Policy
6003.00.27 Electronic Information SecurityPDF Document Standard
6003.00.28 Electronic Information Security - Threat-Risk AnalysisPDF Document Guideline
6003.00.32 Operational RecordsPDF Document Standard
6003.02.10 Bulk Purchasing - WorkstationsPDF Document Policy
6003.08.10 Mobile Handheld DevicesPDF Document Policy
6003.10.10 Internet UsePDF Document Policy
6003.10.11 E-Mail UsePDF Document Policy
6003.11.30 Electronic Mail Signature Block PDF Document Standard