P3 Projects

GNWT P3 Projects

P3 Projects are “Public Private Partnerships” which are a long-term approach to procuring public infrastructure where the private sector assumes a major share of the risks in terms of financing and construction, from design and planning, to long-term maintenance.

In practical terms, this means that:

  • The GNWT does not pay for the asset until it is built.
  • A substantial portion of the cost is paid over the life of the asset and only if it is properly maintained and performs according to specifications; and
  • The costs are known upfront and span the life-cycle of the asset, meaning that taxpayers are not on the financial hook for cost overruns, delays or any performance issues over the asset’s life.

For a guide to the Government of the Northwest Territories approach to assessing and aquiring capital infrastructure through a Public Private Partnerships aproach click GNWT P3 Management Framework.

View the P3 Policy here.

The GNWT is currently involved in two P3 Projects:

Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link (MVFL)

The Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link project is a state-of-the-art communication line up the Mackenzie Valley in the Northwest Territories.

The MVFL will support more efficient and effective delivery of government programs and services such as health care and education to the communities. It will also provide new opportunities for business, including in the e-commerce and high-tech sectors, and allow for the expansion of the Inuvik Satellite Station Facility.

Click here for MVFL Archives

Stanton Renewal Project

Click here to visit the Stanton Renewal Project website.

For more information on P3 Projects, contact:

Sean Craig
P3 Analyst
Department of Finance
Tel: (867) 767-9179, extension 15130
Email: sean_craig@gov.nt.ca