Service Innovation Strategy

The vision of the Service Innovation Strategy (SIS) is to improve service delivery to NWT residents, businesses and visitors through the use of technology. On this page, you can find all the information related to the Strategy.

This includes improving public access to online services and efficient and effective delivery of information and communications technology services to all government departments.

The GNWT’s Service Innovation Strategy supports commitment in the Mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories: 2016-2019 to improve collaboration for easier access to government programs and services online.

Check out the brochure that tells you all about “Why” we needed the Strategy. Then check out the overview to learn more about the 7 key initiatives and projects we’re working on.

How Satisfied are Residents and Business’s with GNWT Services?

The GNWT is now participating in 2 national surveys that track resident and business satisfaction with government service delivery.

This research will help the GNWT monitor our performance over time, develop ways to improve your service experience, increase your satisfaction when accessing government services, AND  introduce new methods of delivery that meet the changing needs of the residents and businesses. 

Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business 5 results are now available (2016) .Click here to find out what NWT businesses have to say.

The Taking Care of Business (4) satisfaction survey was completed in 2013, and the NWT participated for the first time. Click here for those results.

Citizen First

The Citizen First survey is a client satisfaction survey undertaken under the leadership of the Institute for Citizen-Centered Service (ICCS), on behalf of 14 sponsoring jurisdictions representing municipal, regional, provincial, territorial and federal levels of Canadian government.

The “Citizen First (7) satisfaction survey was completed in the fall of 2014. Click here to find out what NWT citizens had to say.

The next survey will be available in Spring 2017.